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Shri. Manjunath Prasad N , IAS

Additional Chief Secretary, FEE
Govt of Karnataka

Dr. Sunil Panwar, IFS

Member Secretary
Zoo Authority of Karnataka

Director's Message


Deputy Conservator of Forests and Executive Director, Bannerghatta Biological Park.

Bannerughatta Biological Park Bengaluru is a unique region of ecological importance as it's situated on the northern terminal point of Mysuru Elephant Reserve. The Park plays a major role in conservation of rich floral, faunal diversity , sequester carbon and sustains regional hydrology.

As you are aware that our pristine wildlife and it's habitat are under severe pressure, the main objective of the zoo is ex- situ conservation and augment the depleting population of the endangered species. At present over 2300 animals belonging to 102 species are being protected in naturalistic environment and provided with veterinary care at the Park.

The Park is committed to realize the objective of National Zoo Policy,1998 by supporting the National efforts in conservation of rich biodiversity and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG-15) Life on Land!

I am sure that you are aware that the Park is not a place for amusement or entertainment. I am pleased to share that as a part of our Education and outreach activity under chinnara mrugalaya darshana program, over 1500 students from Government schools were inspired by providing a guided tour at zoo on conservation of natural resources for maintaining ecological balance.

At the outset I would like to mention that one of the main objective of the Park is to inspire citizens and create education to showcase the linkage between the survival of species and protection of natural habitat. As a result more enquiries were received by visitors on adoption of animals.

My humble appeal to all the visitors is to make use of the display boards and signages to understand the nature and the important role we the Humans (Homo sapiens) can play in conservation and survival of species!

I wish everyone to have an enriching, educative experience in the Park and spread the message of Conservation !!


To protect and conserve Wildlife and Environment through Sustainable and Scientific management of zoo.


To Inspire, Inform, Enhance Scientific literacy of citizens to support national effort of Conservation of rich Biodiversity on Earth.


  • To compliment and strengthen the national efforts in ex-situ conservation and strength the conservation of the rich Bio-Diversity of the country, particularly the fauna.
  • Supporting the conservation of endangered species by giving species, which have no chance of survival in wild, a last chance of survival through coordinated breeding under ex-situ condition and raise stocks for rehabilitating them in wild as and when it is appropriate and desirable
  • To inspire amongst zoo visitors empathy for wild animals, an understanding and awareness about the need for conservation of natural resources and for maintaining the ecological balance.
  • Providing opportunities for scientific studies, Research and documentation on conservation and creation of database for sharing between authorities involved in In-Situ and Ex-Situ conservation.
  • Bring awareness to the public on conservation and propagation of wildlife by conducting regular awareness and education campaigns and programs
  • Providing dedicated facilities for the rescued and orphaned wild animals by providing appropriate housing, clinical and management facilities in off-the display area
  • To serve as gene pool and germplasm reserve for future biological research on wild animals and to extend facilities for studies on behaviour and breeding of different animals.
  • To create awareness about nature and wildlife conservation to the visiting tourists.
  • To sustain the founder population and also to augment the depleting populations of endangered species in the wild.

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