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animal vet care

Health and Hygienic

The zoo has a modern hospital headed by an Assistant Director (Veterinary Service) and supported by 2 contractual veterinarians, 1 biologist, and 2 support staff (labours). The hospital has an operation theatre (OT), X-ray facility, in-patient facility and store for medicines and equipment.

The B.B.B.P is having a branch of IAH & VB namely WADDL headed by a scientist and lab technician.

There is a post mortem room; all the carcasses of the dead captive animals are subjected for postmortem and pathological investigation to know the cause of deaths. After the postmortem, the carcasses are disposed of by burning. The burning costs a lot of firewood and labours. To overcome this problem, it is proposed to construct an incinerator of 200 kg capacity for dispensing the carcasses of dead animals with a diesel generator.

The following equipments are available in the zoo hospital

The following equipments are available for restraining of animals: